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3D Modelling Workshop 13/11/18

On Tuesday afternoon, we ran a free Maker workshop in 3D Modelling with Fusion 360. We kicked off with some general discussions on 3D Models that a few participants had brought from home, and how their designs impacted the way they were 3D Printed, then jumped into Fusion 360.

Our workshop is the best way to learn Fusion 360 if working in 3D gets confusing for you, which is common when finding your feet. We start off with the humble rectangle sketch and work in steps to create a keychain model that’s completely 3D Printable!

This is the 3D Modelling Workshop that focuses on designing 3D models, but we hope to see our attendees back during our 3D Printing Workshop in a few weeks to give 3D Printing their keychains a go.

If you’re interested in learning about 3D Modelling, 3D Printing or other Maker related skills, come along to one of our free community workshops. If you aren’t local, we’ve made our workshops available as free online courses so you won’t miss out.

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