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3D Printing Workshop 23/10/18

Engaging people with the fun of 3D Printing is one of the favourite parts of our week. Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting another of our 3D Printing for Beginners community workshops, with 12 local makers turning up to learn how to 3D Print. After a quick introduction to FDM/FFF Technology, we dived into the 3D Printing software, Cura, and showed the group how to move, scale, rotate and slice 3D models to print successfully. We even had some young makers in attendance and got them hands-on with the process, ending the night by removing a Rocktopus from the printer themselves.

If you’re interested in learning about 3D Modelling, 3D Printing or other Maker related skills, come along to one of our free community workshops. If you aren’t local, we’ve made our workshops available as free online courses so you won’t miss out.

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